1. How do I change my contact details on my profile?
Answer: Login to “NHBRC E-service portal” , click on “My profile” , update the information and click on “Save”.

2. How Do I upload a second ID if my company has more than one Director ?
Answer: All director’s ID copies must be scanned together and uploaded as one document.

3. How do I remove a document which I have incorrectly uploaded?
Answer: Click on “Choose file” select the document to be uploaded from the drive where you saved it and click “upload” it will replace the document that was previously uploaded.

4. How do I update the company name in the system after making changes at CIPC?
Answer: Our system is integrated with CIPC. The change of company name will update on the NHBRC database as well; should the company name not be updated kindly contact digitalservices@nhbrc.org.za

5. How do I download my Registration certificate from the system?
Answer: Login, click on “Registration”, click on “Acknowledge Code of Conduct”, you are able to view and download the code of conduct, thereafter click on “Download Certificate” .

6. How do I download my Renewal certificate?
Answer: Login , Click on “Renewal”, Click on “Download Certificate”.

7. How do I upload a Proof of Payment (POP)?
Answer: Login, click on “Registration or Renewal”, Click on “View Invoice” and click on “Upload Proof of Payment”

8. I am trying to submit a renewal but the system says “company already exists”.
Answer: This error occurs if there is already an application submitted under your company by someone else. You need to login using the same profile of when the company was first registered.

9. How do I remove a facilitators/ex-employee from my profile?
Answer: “The following steps must take place
– Create a profile by clicking on Register ,
– Email must be sent to digitalservices@nhbrc.org.za with the following documents – a Letter on the company letterhead requesting us to move the application to the new profile, include the ID number of the new profile ( letter must be signed by the director as per CIPC document and Latest Annual returns from CIPC.”

10. What is an agreement certificate?
Answer: It is a certificate you get from Agreement SA when the Innovative Building Method you are using has been approved (not using bricks and mortar).

11. What happens if I cannot remember my password?
Answer: Click login and click on “forgot password” to reset it.

12. How long should I wait to get the certificate after I made the payment?
Answer: 48 hours

13. Can I get the certificate in hard copy like before?
Answer: We no longer issue manual certificates, only online certificates.

14. How do I remove a director who is no longer part of this company but is still showing on your system?
Answer: You need to send the amended CIPC documents to digitalservices@nhbrc.org.za

15. I am unable to capture the district municipality as it is not responding when the field is selected.
Answer: Click on “Province” select any province but the one applicable to you, press tab on your keyboard then go back to Province and select your province it will activate the District municipality.

16. I am unable to submit the application as the system gives an error that the user doesn’t exist.
Answer: Click on “Register”, Capture the required information to create a profile, you will be required to generate the password for you to login to the system

17. How do I reschedule the appointment for technical assessment?
Answer: Log into the portal, click on “Test Appointment” and “Reschedule Appointment” then select the date and the office you would like to write the technical assessment at.

18. How do I change the technical manager after submitting and paying the Registration fee?
Answer: Send the request to change the technical manager to digitalservices@nhbrc.org.za

19. How can I change the technical manager who has resigned from my company after Registration?
Answer: For change of technical manager click link

20. Where can one obtain the home building manual?
Answer: You can obtain the manual at any NHBRC office. Please present your proof of payment with the correct reference number and company name.

21. How do I book for NHBRC training?
Answer: You qualify to book for training if you are a NHBRC registered member and you submitted your Registration application, paid the registration fee, wrote the technical assessment and failed the first and or second technical assessment.

22. Can I change the Provincial office after submitting my online application?
Answer: This is only possible when your application is sitting under Draft.

23. Can I change the technical manager before booking a test appointment?
Answer: Send the request to change the technical manager to digitalservices@nhbrc.org.za

For more information please visit our Online Services portal on https://www.eservices.nhbrc.org.za/ or kindly contact digitalservices@nhbrc.org.za

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