Why Enrol

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Building a new home is a key milestone in anyone’s life. The Actrequires all home builders to enrol every new home with the NHBRC at least 15 days prior to construction. The enrolment of a new home is the first step in the protection of a housing consumers’ right, as provided by the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, 1998.

Home enrolment insures you against poor building practices and permits the NHBRC to conduct quality home inspections at during various stages of construction.

The NHBRC enrolment process offers consumers several benefits. These include:
• Builder compliance with NHBRC’s Home Builders Manual, which sets minimum quality standards.
• NHBRC quality inspections during construction.
• Major structural warranty cover for up to five years from date of occupation.
• NHBRC mediation between consumer and builder.
• Recourse through our complaints, arbitration and remedial processes.
An enrolled home is provided with warranty cover by the NHBRC for a period of 5 years from date of occupation which allows the NHBRC to pursue and ensure that your builder rectifies:
1. Minor defects identified by the housing consumer within the first three-months of occupation

2. Roof leaks identified by the housing consumer within one-year from date of occupation

3. Major structural defects identified by the housing consumer within five-years from date of occupation