The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) has welcomed the recent announcement by Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu that the department would no longer spend money on fixing poorly built RDP houses.

“We are serious about addressing the issue of shoddy workmanship in the industry and our mandate can be effectively carried out when all parties are aware of each other’s role”, said Chairperson of the Council, Abbey Chikane.

Chikane believes that this step will further drive home the importance of appointing builders and subcontractors that are registered with the NHBRC.

“The NHBRC will continue to ensure that building standards are upheld and consumers are protected from poorly constructed buildings through its stringent requirements and regular inspections of all NHBRC registered home building projects,” said Chikane

Chikane further implored the developers in the subsidy market (i.e. the provincial departments of human settlements and municipalities) to support the organisation’s efforts in this regard by ensuring that they appoint NHBRC registered builders/sub-contractors and enrolment of homes before commencing with construction,” he said.

Recently, the NHBRC launched a new guidelines set to address a number of issues that had become concerns for the NHBRC and the industry over the years. The guidelines which are contained in a home building manual provide an outline of quality requirements for builders and home inspectors.

“Our inspectors are trained to not only pick up faults but to work with the contractor in mitigating against risks associated with building a new home thus protecting housing consumers against shoddy workmanship,” he said.

Chikane explains that if this process is followed the owners of these homes will be covered against major structural defects through the NHBRC Warranty fund.

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