As part of its CSI initiative, the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) has partnered with Kavango Block Brick and Geoplast to build a user friendly house for Agnes Dyidi in Nyanga East, Western Cape.

Dyidi who is 73 years old, lives with her five year old grandchild and has been bedridden in her dilapidated home for 10 years due to elephantiasis.

This follows the Deputy Minister of Human Settlements Zou Kota-Fredericks visit to the house with the NHBRC engineers on October 28, 2013.

Today, the NHBRC together with the Deputy Minister will hold a sod turning ceremony for Dyidi’s house.

The two sponsors Kavango Block Brick and Geoplast will use Innovative Building Technology
(IBT) to construct the house.

For more information:
Molebogeng Taunyane, Media Specialist
+27 11 317 0070/