The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) today concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the Council for Geoscience (CGS), covering the manner in which the two institutions will interact with each other with regards to geotechnical investigations conducted around the country.

This cooperation will assist the NHBRC in its objective of protecting housing consumers from geological hazards on land identified for human settlements and infrastructure development.

In terms of the agreement the parties will cooperate through joint studies and research of mutual interest and will exchange information concerning their scientific and technical employees.

The MOU will be in force for a period of five years and it covers the following areas of cooperation:

  • sharing of geotechnical data
  • initiation of geoscience-based research projects and
  • review of geotechnical reports.

For further information:
Molebogeng Taunyane, Media Specialist
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