As with any agreement between two parties, you may find yourself with a grievance against your home builder. If your home is enrolled with the NHBRC and you have contracted with a NHBRC registered builder, the NHBRC has a dispute process in place to assist you.

The NHBRC deals with 3 types of complaints:
  • 3 month snag list
  • 1 year roof leak
  • 5 year major structural defect

The NHBRC will pursue and ensure that a home builder meets their obligations in terms of the Act. In particular, the NHBRC will ensure that:

  • A home builder rectifies minor defects identified by the housing consumer within the first three-months of occupation
  • A home builder rectifies a roof leak identified by the housing consumer within one-year from date of occupation
  • A home builder rectifies major structural defects identified by the housing consumer within five-years from date of occupation
Before submitting a complaint to the NHBRC, housing consumers should:
  1. Notify the home builder in writing of all complaints requiring attention within a reasonable time
  2. Keep a copy of all correspondence between themselves and the home builder
  3. Allow the home builder reasonable access to the property in order to fix the defects
  4. Ensure that all financial obligations to the home builder are met.
When to refer a complaint to the NHBRC
  1. The home builder does not respond within the period specified below.
  2. The home builder fails to honour his/ her obligations.
  3. There is an unresolved dispute between you and the home builder regarding the extent of the home builder’s liability.
Home Builder Response Times

The home builder must respond within a specified period from the time he/ she receives a complaint

Nature of Complaint Builder Response Period
  • 3-month non-compliance – 21 working days
  • 1-year roof leak – 7 working days
  • 5-year major structural defect period – 7 working days

*Deposit theft or irregularity Refer complaint to Commercial Crimes Unit
*Contractual disputes Refer to your Legal representative/ Attorney

How to Lodge a Complaint

*Complete the complaint form

Include the following documentation when lodging a complaint:

  • Proof of occupation date of the home (e.g. Municipal occupation certificate.)
  • Proof of notifications sent to the home builder within the necessary time period
  • A complete list of the terms of dispute notified to the home builder.
  • Lodge the complaint with supporting documentation at the nearest NHBRC provincial customer service center. Click here for full contact list
Accept a complaint
  • Advise that the complaint falls under the scope of the Act and notify you of this decision and the reasons for it
  • Request that the parties resolve this matter through legal proceedings as the matter falls under the Act.
  • Provide a dispute and resolution process
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