Home Training

In terms of the Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act (Act 95 of 1998) Clause 3(h) the National Home Builders Registration Council has to assist home builders to achieve and maintain satisfactory technical standards of the home building industry, through training and inspection.

The NHBRC has set aside funding for the skills programme training of emerging contractors. The Council’s Strategic Corporate plan also makes emphasis on the training of historically disadvantaged home builders, in order to accelerate their progression in the home building industry.

Training Programmes are aimed at developing and empowering contractors with technical requirements, as stipulated by the Home Builder Manual and the SAQA unit standards.

Skills provided by the NHBRC:

  • Technical Skills
    • Bricklaying Skills Course
    • Plastering Skills Course
    • Plumbing Skills Course
    • Roofing Skills Course
    • Painting Skills Course
  • Management Skills
    • Construction Management Course
    • Construction Project Management Course
    • Finance for Non-Financial Management Course

The various programmes that the NHBRC provides training on are:

Home Builder Training

This programme is aimed at training NHBRC registered members. These trainings focus on supporting builders with technical and management skills.

Identification of home builder training needs will include among others:

During registration

Successful home builders who pass their registration assessment will be inducted on the NHBRC processes, procedures and stakeholder rights. Once inducted, the home builder qualifies for capacity building support from the NHBRC on basic technical and management skills.

Post-Registration / Existing Members

The registered home builders would be capacitated on NHBRC Home Building Standards specific areas of weakness to ensure that the management and other workers in the company have the necessary skills.

On-site Support during Construction / In-situ

NHBRC Quality Assurance teammay identify gaps in the construction sites and escalating these to Training Section action training on-site Training section will provide training resources to the specific sites according to the needs identified by Home Inspectors or QAs. HI and QAs will play a role of site mentors to the trained builders to ensure quality sustainability of outputs.

Government Support

GovernmentDepartments / Provinces and Municipalities would request training interventions for their registered builders in various projects. The NHBRC supports both contractors on projects and those on departmental database.


Social Transformational Programme

The NHBRC Government Programmes caters for key sectors operating entities of the following:


  • Youth Contractors and Learners
  • Women Contractors and Young People
  • Military Veterans Contractors
  • Municipal and Provincial Human Settlements Inspectors
Programmes Purpose
Youth Brigades Programme Implement training programmes that are aimed at capacitating young people participating in the Human Settlements Youth Brigades Programme. The programme focusses on Technical Skills Development and Entrepreneurial Support.

(Building Skills, Plumbing; Roofing & Construction Management)

Participating Criteria for Youth Brigades Programme:

·         Young people within the ages of 18 – 35 years.

·         South African Citizen

·         Resident of targeted Local Municipality Area

·         Education – minimum of Grade 10

·         Interest in Entrepreneurship

Artisan Development  The NHBRC continues to develop a pool of young people Placing young people that have graduated the Skills Programme with Furth Education Institutions to develop them into Artisans. Young people are exposed to both theoretical skills as well as work based learning for experiential purposes. The programme is aligned to the Department of Higher Education and Training though the TVET Colleges.

The participation Criteria for Artisan Development:

·         Young people between the ages of 18 – 35 years.

·         South African Citizens

·         Minimum qualification – specified by Institutions of Higher Education (e.g. Grade 10 to Grade 12).

Women Empowerment Programme The programme is a four month academic programme with networking and mentorship support. On completion of the course, businesses will have exposure to the NHBRC supplier database and business leads. The participation criteria for WEP is:

·      Women entrepreneurs who manage their own business, in housing industry

·      Minimum of 50% shareholding in proposed business

·      The business must be commercially viable and in existence for a minimum of 2 years

·      Must have minimum turnover of R300,000 and a maximum of R5million

·      Must employ 2 or more staff

·      Minimum of a Matric qualification

·      Must be willing to commit to strict attendance and measurement requirements

Military Veterans Training The NHBRC endeavours to support the empowerment of Military Veterans with technical skills training support. In partnership with the various government departments, provincial and local governments and associations, the NHBRC participates in programmes aimed at supporting Military Veterans. The participation criteria for the programme is:

·         Recognized and qualified Military Veterans

·         Allocated or Opportunity of work

·         Willing to participate in incubation programme.

Inspector Training This is aimed at enhancing performance of Home Inspectors in building skills and technological advancements. This programme is aimed at both Internal NHBRC Inspectors and Departmental Inspectors.

Focus areas for Inspector Training:

·         Introducing Alternative and Innovative Technology

·         Steel Frame Skills

·         Timber Building Skills

·         Concrete Technology