NHBRC Trains the Disabled in OHS Skills

The NHBRC recently entered in to a training partnership with Thembisile Hani Local Municipality, in Mpumalanga Province, to empower a group of 27 disabled people with Occupational Health and Safety Training.

At the core of this initiative lies the awareness that people with disabilities deserve, need and want opportunities to fully participate in and contribute to their communities. As such, education and training is an important step towards creating an enabling environment for them to realise this intrinsic human desire.

Following their successful completion of the training, the local municipality has pledged to place the participants on a priority list and appoint them on upcoming construction projects with the view to apply their recently acquired skills.

This initiative culminated into a joyous graduation ceremony that took place on Monday, 01 October 2018, in Thembisile Hani Local Municipality. Delegates from the municipality, NHBRC and families of some of the graduates were in attendance to witness this proud moment.