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The NHBRC Council established the Social Transformation Committee to oversee the implementation of sector transformation initiatives in line with the National Department of Human Settlements.

The NHBRC introduced measures to improve programme and project management through training and the transfer of skills to the sector through its various programmes such as Women Empowerment Programme, Youth Brigades Programme, Community Empowerment, Builder Training and other related initiatives.

The external focus of the NHBRC STEP initiative seeks to promote sustainable entrepreneurship by including:

  • Entrepreneurial training and support;
  • Professionalisation of the sector;
  • Providing access to sustainable business development skills training;
  • Mentorship opportunities and
  • Market opportunities.

  • Click here for STEP Strategy Document

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the Social Transformation and Empowerment Programme is to ensure that the NHBRC implements principles of social transformation in the various aspects of its business, and in relation to the Home Building Industry.


    The objectives of STEP are as follows:-

  • Develop an integrated approach towards emerging contractor empowerment through the incubator model.
  • Develop a pool of human settlements entrepreneurs who will ensure delivery of sustainable human settlements
  • Empower identified beneficiaries through Enterprise Development; Financial Support, Mentorship and Job Creation;
  • Improve sector skills though professionalisation of previously disadvantaged sector practitioners;
  • Improve the performance of contractors in terms of quality, employment practices, skills development, health and safety and
  • Facilitate access to sustainable business development opportunities that support identification of market and job opportunities to entities and individual beneficiaries through preferential procurement.

  • STEP Targets
    The step targets are informed by the Human Settlements Framework and Ministerial Plans for the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). The percentages below are representative of the Rand value of annual budgets.

    NHBRC Targets for Preferential Procurement & Enterprise Development Support

  • 60% Broad-based procurement value towards Women- owned construction businesses/entities per annum.
  • 30% Broad-based procurement value towards Youth -owned construction businesses/entities per annum.
  • 10% Broad-based procurement value towards Military Veterans- owned construction businesses/entities per annum.
  • 5% Broad-based procurement value towards Businesses/Entities owned by People with Disabilities per annum.

  • For More Information on STEP Contact:

  • Thuli Kganye
    011 317 0441

  • Zweli Magano
    011 525 5551