“This dynamic NHBRC Database provides a list of homes built with Agrément certified or NHBRC rational design approved Innovative Building Systems (IBTs) that have been inspected by the NHBRC and passed the criteria, which serves as guidance on acceptable performance on the ground.

The inspections focus on the general technical performance of IBT homes with more weighting on the structural performance using a Condition Assessment Tool developed by the NHBRC to ensure consistency.

This database will be regularly updated and IBT system owners whose system did not perform well can reapply at any time. Not only do we want to monitor performance of IBTs countrywide, but the advantage of this database is that it allows the provincial departments (developers) of Human Settlements to check which systems have been inspected and passed the NHBRC assessment for relevant appointments in subsidy housing projects.

The selection from this database should be complemented using an IBT Analyser or relevant sound analytical methods for technology selection for a specific geographic location to foster sustainability.

However, it needs to be noted that defects can still arise not within the control of the NHBRC as a result of design errors by professionals, a manufacturing flaw, defective materials, improper use of installation of materials, not conforming to the design and specifications, or any combination of the above.

Any IBT system owner with Agrément Certification or a NHBRC rational design approval who wishes to be included in the database must provide relevant information as specified in the spreadsheet that includes amongst other details the correct project addresses where IBT projects were constructed (for inspection) who are able to roll-out housing projects and send it to dominiqueg@nhbrc.org.za”.